Why Choose Warren-Walker School?

We welcome you to Warren-Walker School, and urge you to consider the significant advantages of an Early Learning - 8th Grade School!

  • Studies have shown that such a setting enhances academic, social, emotional and individual development and success. Many studies confirm higher academic achievement, significantly higher standardized test scores, higher levels of  participation in extracurricular activities, and greater leadership skills.
  • Early Learning - 8th grade schools are more intimate environments that allow children to be well known by a faculty that has taken an active interest in them from the time they were little. Lower School teachers know almost every student in the School, and Middle School teachers consult with them regarding a student's history, learning needs and family dynamic. Enduring relationships help create a healthier environment in which to grow up.
  • An Early Learning - 8th grade environment allows children the chance to develop at a natural pace, in keeping with their chronological age, outside the influence of older teenagers.
  • Parents at Early Learning - 8th grade schools stay more connected to their children's school experiences, particularly beyond the early & elementary years. This involvement has been found to be highly correlated to enhanced student success. Rising 6th graders don't have to experience the stress that can come with a school transition at a time when, developmentally there are already other very significant challenges of early adolescence to master. "Research suggests that the onset of puberty is an especially poor reason for beginning a new phase of schooling."
  • Students in an Early Learning - 8th grade school take on leadership roles at an earlier age. Our school-wide "Buddy Programs" foster important connections, increased confidence and greater poise for both the younger and older children in our School.
  • Beginning in 7th grade, we work closely with families to discern the best placement for high school and then gain entrance to that school. Our alumni are considered among the best-prepared students in their secondary school settings.

Without a doubt, our Early Learning - 8th Grade program at Warren-Walker School allows our students to grow and be fully encouraged & supported in an environment that is tailor-made for their developmental levels.

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