Preschool & Junior Kindergarten - La Mesa Campus

Serving students ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old

At our Prekindergarten-Junior Kindergarten campus in La Mesa, students who are potty-trained and ages two and a half through five years old enjoy a rich academic curriculum supplemented by a robust specialist program (PE, Spanish, Science, Drama, Music, and Computer/Library). We feature a 12:1 student:teacher ratio to ensure individualized instruction that is developmentally appropriate

Prekindergarten: Learning to Operate Successfully in a Group while Maintaining Autonomy 

Our multi-discipline and integrated curriculum encourages self-confidence, independence and good character, while also teaching children how to participate successfully in a group setting. It establishes a broad foundation of knowledge, and teaches the prerequisite skills necessary for success in Kindergarten. 

Junior Kindergarten: Benefiting from the "Gift of Time"

Some students need the "gift of time" to prepare for Kindergarten. Often summer-birthday children and others who need more time to mature, benefit from a program that is more advanced than prekindergarten, but not as rigorous as our Kindergarten program.  In Junior Kindergarten, each subject area is taught to higher levels than in prekindergarten, with alphabet skills to include both lower- and upper-case letters, and more direct instruction of sound/symbol relationships.  The additional experience with phonetics and phonics sometimes is enough for some students to begin reading, which is then fostered individually by the teacher.  Mathematical skills are also taught beyond Prekindergarten expectations, allowing JK students to learn to count further, match more numerals to the respective quantity, understand more complex concepts, and solve more complicated word problems.  The same holds true for other areas of the curriculum. The Junior Kindergarten program may follow the same unit themes as Prekindergarten, but the content is broadened and more in depth, and the related projects require higher level skills.

The following information provides a “snapshot” in to the Prekindergarten/Jr. Kindergarten course overview for the month of November:

Seasonal theme: Fall/Fall Harvest
Social Studies & Science Theme: Family Traditions & Nutrition
Field Trips & Special Events: Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Feast
Ongoing Academic Units:
Amble through the Alphabet
   • letter recognition; sound identification; initial consonants & vowels
Number Skills
   • numeral recognition; sets; counting; one-to-one; simple + & -
General Skills
   • shapes; colors; sizes
Weekly Group Science
   • liquids; solids; gases; inertia; explosions; simple machines
Ongoing Developmental Activities:
Physical Development
   • gross motor skills; fine motor skills
Language & Cognitive Development
   • listening; comprehension; speaking clearly; increasing vocabulary; memorizing; retelling a       story; creative thinking
Social & Emotional Development
   • adjusting to school; making friends; caring and sharing; following directions; learning to work; problem solving
Ongoing Specialists Activities: Music, Drama, Computers, Library

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