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Camp Gulls
Camp Gulls
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Camp Gulls !

"If You Build It"...the campers will come.  Camp Gulls had a super fun week building various creations from all different types of materials.  Take a look at what our young engineers created... 

Do It Yourself with Ms. Southworth

The campers had a chance to work with many different supplies to create masterpieces using their imagination They used craft sticks with various colors and sizes and turned those into frames, boats and bridges. The campers worked used toothpicks and spice drops to make a structure at least 4 inches tall.  It had to support the weight of a small book, medium sized book and a large book for at least 5 seconds.  They had an amazing time building and experimenting with not your average building supplies!  

Young Engineers with Ms. Frans

Campers showed amazing creativity building their Lego creations.  We had free play (with project ideas), built Lego zip line carriages, and a time at the end of the class for Show and Tell.  The campers had an opportunity to share their inventions.  We closed this fun week with a field trip to the Science Center in Balboa Park! 

Lego Engineering with Ms. Cruz

We had a great week in Lego engineering.  Campers learned about the process of engineering and the four areas of specialization. Students worked together to create Lego building projects and were also asked to develop the concept of a dream project of their own. 

Science of Flight with Mr. Baldwin

Campers learned about the balancing four forces that enables an airplane to take flight; lift vs. weight and thrust vs. drag.  They learned about Newton's third law of motion that enables a rocket to take flight; for every action you have an opposite and equal reaction.  They built many model airplanes and watched them take flight.  The campers ended their week with a field trip to the Aerospace Museum.  

Stay Tuned for our super fun Stars and Stripes theme at Camp Gulls next week! Go Gulls!  

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