Commitment to Character

Commitment to Character

The success of our Character Education and Leadership program can be measured by the strength of character our students carry forth into their lives beyond Warren-Walker School. Consistently, it earns the highest marks on our annual Parent Survey, affirming that our ongoing commitment to its implementation and improvement has been fruitful.

For character to sustain each of us through the tough times, habits that have been supported by the community that surrounds us need to develop and be engrained. Nineteenth century philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, said that good character is “engraved” and “deeply etched.”  What this takes at a school like ours is a sense of loyalty to the school’s Mission and purpose bythe administration, faculty, parents, and students, as well as faith in the people who are in place to nurture and guide our students towards their fullest potentials.

The “Warren-Walker Way” requires that we teach the meaning and importance of respect and Text Box: Children develop character by what they see, what they hear, and what they are repeatedly led to do.”- James Stensonresponsibility, demonstrate what they look like, and practice them in the formal setting of a classroom, the social setting at the lunch tables, and during active play on the playground. It is not dogmatic or rigid, but also not overly flexible.  Instead, it is thoughtfully molded in an effort to keep up with the times without losing site of the goals to be achieved or the wisdom that has come with 88 years of time, effort, and experience.

The “Warren-Walker Way” is really the process that establishes the “roots and wings” that afford each student the capacity and competence to utilize good judgment throughout a lifetime, and to successfully navigate the twists and turns and ups and downs that undoubtedly will come.

Together we make this happen.