The Warren-Walker Way!

As consumers we consistently judge the products we use.  Are they durable, reliable, functional?  Do they perform as advertised?  And, when they fail to measure up, are oftentimes returned with no intent to repurchase.

In the business of education, we do not produce widgets, gadgets, tools, or toys.  Instead, our “product” is human in nature and takes the form of any number of student outcomes upon which we can judge its worth; or as our Director of Admissions and Advancement, Amy Hall, refers to as “The Portrait of a Graduate”. 

In a recent employment application from a Warren-Walker alumna, the following was stated in her cover letter: “…I’ve come to realize teaching is my true calling. I credit this passion to the wonderful experiences and teachers I’ve had at various academic institutions, starting with Warren-Walker and how the “Warren-Walker Way” was instilled in me...” Well, the “Warren-Walker Way” that she is referring to is our legacy of instructing, disciplining, and expecting our students to fulfill the promise they hold within. 

“Our job as parents is to put ourselves out of a job by raising our kids to independent adulthood where they’re capable of fending for themselves. Childhood offers innumerable opportunities to build that independence if only we’ll let it.”   - Madeline Levine

The validation of our School’s mission and “The Warren-Walker Way” is consistently apparent through the stories relayed to us by our alumni. Most recently we heard from Ximena Escobar, who this spring was Valedictorian of her senior class at one of San Diego’s largest high schools and has headed off to Yale University, Ryan Bastuba, who has already demonstrated entrepreneurial achievement (while others his age dream of it), is presently attending Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, and Quinn Seau, who achieved the highest levels of success as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University is now attending the Georgetown University School of Medicine and is off to what we are confident will be a stellar career in medicine. All are shining examples profiled further in this publication. 

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.” -Hodding Carter

We so enjoyed the opportunity to highlight Ximena, Ryan and Quinn, and we welcome the news of ALL our alumni’s life journeys. Truly, we are most gratified and humbled to have been a part of the creation of their individual “portraits” and their embodiment of the “Warren-Walker Way”. GO GULLS!