Wellness at Warren-Walker School

Wellness at Warren-Walker School

Introduced as an addition to our Physical Education curriculum in the 2018-2019 school year, the Wellness program, led by Christi Iacono, strives to support Warren-Walker School's mission, philosophy and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes in many ways, but most importantly by enriching the Prekindergarten through eighth grade student experience as it aligns with our Character Education program.  Wellness supports the idea of developing the whole child, while encouraging students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical development.

This program helps students build skills in the social and emotional intelligences as they practice self-awareness techniques and self-regulatory skills to help them resolve conflict, problem solve, and navigate social relationships. These particular skills support the mission of the school to develop our students into thriving, responsible citizens.

In the Lower Schools, yoga postures and wellness games and activities help students build physical development in the areas of strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and overall large motor skills.  Enhancing students’ overall endurance and cultivating body and mind control allows students to perform to their best abilities on the playing fields.

Amy Lynch, yoga teacher and writer for MindBodyGreen explains that yoga “resets our mind to dream and pretend.”  Some poses, she goes on to say, “allows a child to be off ‘in (their) own world’ and this is a great opportunity to relax, breathe, and ease the mind.”

Yoga and mindfulness class is regularly scheduled in Middle School, as a choice for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in Physical Education, and as a component of the Life Skills program.  Middle School students engage in reflection, journaling, problem solving skills and confidence building lessons in addition to yoga, mindfulness and breathing strategies. 

Among the advantages of the Wellness Program at Warren-Walker School are:

  • Learning concentration techniques to build focus for school success

  • Building cooperation and teamwork

  • Having a Character Education focus -- being kind, building compassion, having integrity, self-control, self-discipline, and acceptance

  • Being mindful of thoughts, actions, and behavior

  • Building self-confidence, self-regulatory skills, self-awareness, conflict resolution, and problem solving strategies

  • Supporting classroom behavior by helping students to focus, concentrate and attend