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WeCare "Take Aways"

Dr. Michele Borba’s WeCare presentation was one of the best ever. She took the results of a survey of member-school students and designed a talk that addressed their concerns about stress, time-management, problem-solving, etc. She used recent research about the characteristics of college freshman to ensure that her message was riveting and relevant, and her points were well-honed to an audience that assumes their children will not only go on to fine colleges, but will do well.

 I have gotten feedback from WWS parents who attended the talk, and would appreciate getting more. So far, these points are some of the “take aways” that parents have given me:

  • Establish “Family Rules to Live By”
  • Praise EFFORT not intelligence
  • Delay gratification
  • Teach coping skills (i.e. 1. Remain calm; 2. Take 3 deep breaths; 3. Count to ten)
  • Use calendars, timers, and alarms to teach time management
  • Have children complete the hardest tasks first (i.e. homework, chores, etc.)
  • Nurture the nature; in choosing extra-curricular activities, make sure you take the time to learn what your child enjoys doing and encourage it
  • Limit time on computers, video-games, etc.
  • Take time to communicate effectively (i.e. 1. Speak at eye-level with your child 2. Listen (really listen) 3. Respond with empathy and understanding
  • Love your children unconditionally

I’ll follow up with more “take aways” as I get more feedback from you. Thanks for doing what it takes to be great parents in the 21st Century!

Posted by Mrs. Pamela Volker on Sunday October, 28, 2012 at 04:24PM

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