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Miss Representation”Take-Aways”

Miss Representation packed a powerful punch. I was in high school in the ‘60s and college in the ‘70s, a time of great social change, particularly for women. The documentary does a great job of reviewing what happened during that time, but it’s the aftermath that is so perplexing. How could we have gained so much, yet not see the positive results in the workforce, in leadership, and in our society overall that we so desired? In Miss Representation, it is the media that is largely pointed to as the culprit. This again underscores how parents and educators must make sure that children learn strong values about respect and responsibility and the good judgment and willpower needed to withstand social pressure. Here are some of the responses of Warren-Walker School parents who attended the viewing and panel discussion. Hopefully, their “take-aways” will encourage you to note and counteract the negative forces while raising your children to act throughout their lives in a much more constructive way.

  • The U.S. percentage of women in elected government ranks 94th among the world’s nations.
  • The 5 corporations that control most media are controlled by boards that have less than 1 woman among 5 men (and one is even worse, 1/16)
  • Our sons and daughters both need to be shown women leading, or we will never have the women leaders we need. “You can’t be what you can’t see.”
  • It (Miss Representation) really increased my awareness of the pervasiveness of both gender inequality and objectification of women and girls in our society.
  • The media’s negative messages are intertwined with the positive. This can be very confusing for young girls who are figuring out how to express their femininity.
  • It was both disturbing and affirming for me.       I am more convinced than ever of the toxicity of our contemporary culture, for girls and boys, and the need to create our children in a better way.
  • Parents must be vigilant and remember that it is our job to help kids navigate their world.
  • Like most parents, I agree that TV viewing and programs that we allow our children to watch should be properly evaluated and limited.
  • In a democratic society the roles of women should be viewed as equal to men, and we should help instill the understanding of this from early on.
  • The moderator made an excellent point about voting with our dollars and choices.
  • Overall, I feel bringing noted speakers and showing documentaries like this brings awareness to parents and thus better education to our children, forming a better society and better future for us all.

Warren-Walker School has taken on the cause, not only by hosting the Miss Representation viewing for WeCare, but by taking our Character Education and Life Skills programs very seriously and embracing both the Middle School “Sisterhood” and the Point Loma Lower School “Lil’ Sisters” programs. One parent emailed me afterward to say, “I was so impressed that this would be a topic acknowledged and addressed by Warren-Walker for the parents and the students. I feel strongly that this is a societal message that should be shared, and admire the group that brought it.” As a working parent, she had missed the presentation and panel discussion. Mr. Volker and I are happy to host another viewing in the evening to ensure that this essential message is appropriately shared. Please let us know if you are interested by calling 619-223-0805, ext. 306.

Posted by Mrs. Pamela Volker on Monday March, 4, 2013 at 08:51PM

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