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Art of Possibility "Take Aways"

Our March 9th professional growth conference was wonderful! The value of this positive experience will be far reaching for each and every faculty and staff member who attended and for each of the private schools involved, as well. Seeing Benjamin Zander in person was “fascinating” – a word he emphasized a lot in his presentation about life, expectations, learning, and success.

We have been collecting feedback from the faculty and staff about both Ben Zander’s Keynote Address and about the workshops they each attended. In this BLOG, I am including some of those responses regarding the Keynote.

“We do not give an A as an expectation; we give it as a possibility. Education is not the transferring of information but the opening of a passageway. Awaken possibility. Possibility is always only one sentence away. One sentence that you speak to a child can stick with him or her for a lifetime." - Tammy Schmidt

"I really enjoyed Benjamin Zander's presentation and will try to continue to move my life fully into the world of possibility."
- Joan Bramstedt

"Benjamin Zander was wonderful and most inspiring… I would like to have heard more from him on how to build on his enthusiasm and apply what we learned." -
Donna Baker

"I loved Benjamin Zander - lots to think about regarding my teaching. He was interesting, humorous, dedicated, and charming." - Ann DuBois

"I loved the ‘how fascinating,’ and I have shared it with my yoga students (adults and kids), as well as my prekindergarten class."
- Christi Iacono

"The keynote speaker was very thought provoking, and I enjoyed every minute of Mr. Zander’s presentation."
- Dana Shackelford

"I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Zander, and the hug he gave me on the way out!" - Tammy Taylor

“I loved yesterday, especially Benjamin Zander! My “take aways” from him are:

  • For every situation in life, there can be resignation, anger, or possibility.
  • To achieve out-of-the box thinking we need to be aware of what assumptions we are making
  • You can give an "A" for possibility to anyone and then the relationship is transformed!
  • At this point, you can speak the truth.
  • Secret to a perfect life ... it's all invented!
  • Key to the kingdom of possibility ... don't take yourself so seriously!
  • Ask…How can I contribute?
  • It doesn't matter what circumstances are, we can always create possibility.” - Maureen Cardosa

Ben Zander embodied what WWS means in using PROMISE in our motto…Legacy, Spirit, Promise. There are so many possibilities for our students, and our goal is to foster, guide, cajole, instruct, and inspire them to fulfill the promise they each have within. One big take away from his presentation was how to change a mistake into a possibility by intentionally changing your mindset from feeling badly to deciding to meet the challenge. When he makes a mistake, he stands up, reaches down and then stretches his arms high above his head and exclaims with great enthusiasm, ”HOW FASCINATING!” Try it…your mindset will switch from frustration or anger to feeling quite positive and willing to tackle the problem at hand!

By Pam Volker


Posted by Headmistress Pamela Volker on Thursday March, 19, 2015

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