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Off to a Great Start; Now the Partnership Begins!

Our goals for Orientation, the first few weeks of school, and Back-to-School Night are to build relationships, welcome new families, and communicate expectations to all our constituents.  Now begins the actual journey of growth and development for each child, in each class, on each campus for the year.  We promise that we will do our part, and we ask that parents become our partners in creating the path to success for their child.

At Back-to-School Night, you may have received a sheet in your packet from your child's teacher entitled..."You Can Expect This from Us.  We Expect This from You."  The two columns - one for the school, and the other for parents - was carefully crafted to make it clear what this partnership entails.  For instance, we will do all it takes to fulfill our Mission - as rigorous and all-encompassing as it is - and we expect that parents agree with our Mission and will support these efforts.  The list goes on.

The focus of this BLOG will be on one point and its reciprocal:  You can expect individualized and personal attention paid to your child.  We have gotten to know your child at school as he/she strives to operate in a group, engage in learning processes, build relationships, and maintain autonomy.  The teachers work hard at the beginning of the year to closely observe each child and discern the special talents, interests, learning styles, and friendship-building skills that each exhibits.  In this way, the teachers formulate ideas for the strategies they will use to support, approach, teach, and counsel each student through the challenges ahead.

The reciprocity lies in your understanding that your child most likely operates differently at school than he/she does at home.  When a teacher tells parents that their child has difficulty focusing on in-class assignments, often the parents' response is, "Well at home he can build Legos for hours...or play a favorite video game all day."  Please recognize that creating Lego structures or playing video games in your own room at home is very different from focusing in a group setting and following the directions for a complex academic task.  Accept that the teacher knows your child best in the school setting, just as you know your child best at home.  Listen to the teacher and collaborate on ways to help the child improve...that's the kind of partnership we want to build - one based on trust that seeks solutions and focuses forward.

We are fortunate to be educating  the wonderful children we share, and always eager to work in partnership with supportive parents.  As a result, our students achieve amazing things!

Posted by Mrs. Pamela Volker in Parenting Resources on Thursday August, 25, 2011 at 03:17PM

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