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On the Nightstand - II

We had the pleasure of enjoying the company of many family and friends over the holiday season, one of whom was a nephew on Mrs. Volker’s side of the family who visited with his wife and two precocious young daughters.  Although they were not on our gift exchange list, we received a couple of presents from them in gratitude for the use of our family van as a form of convenient transportation during their stay.

One gift was a dual-CD set of James Taylor and Carole King crooning away at “The Troubadour” some time ago, and the other a hardback copy of Stephen King’s 11/22/63.  The former gave us good post-Christmas music to play, and the latter gave me something to read beyond my recent intake of Paolini’s Inheritance, and Riordan’s latest installment of The Lightening Thief series, Son of Neptune.

Lately, I’ve been immersed in these less–than-adult themes specifically written for young audiences – with the exception of The Golden Compass - in a somewhat never-ending, albeit fun way of staying up with the students. But it is high time I experienced an adult theme, and King’s book has done the trick. 

Those who have read the book - highly recommended to those who have not - know that King’s main character becomes a time-traveler, and as such is able to alter the future by changing certain events in a past to which he is allowed to travel via a modern day “rabbit hole.”

Now, unless we live in the world of Stephen King, time travel is a topic left to science fiction writing such as his, and to our knowledge there are no “rabbit holes” in Point Loma, Mission Valley, or La Mesa.  However, one can reflect upon the author’s lines on page 311 of the work which state, “But stupidity is one of two things we see most clearly in retrospect.  The other is missed chances,” and put those words in a non-fiction context.

Changing the past is out of the question, but affecting the future by what we do today and tomorrow is very possible.  This is where resolutions come in, and as they say, ‘tis the season for these annual pronouncements, proclamations, and self-improvement edicts.  Your Headmaster has three:    

Keep Faculty First… Leadership will do everything to protect its most important asset, that of our talented faculty.  Not only will there be a renewed effort to grow how our wonderful teachers feel intrinsically about their dedication to Warren-Walker School, but they will be rewarded extrinsically as well.  The former translates to more “pats on the back,” something easier to give; while the latter requires resources that are harder to acquire, but nevertheless important.

Promote student well being…When faculty are put first, students benefit.  Conversely, when students feel safe, respected, and well cared for, their social, emotional, and educational needs can be well met. 

Expand our Community…As the School’s 80th year (think about it!) is celebrated, the School will endeavor to expand its outreach efforts and communications to so many of the students, families, and friends with whom we’ve lost touch, but are confident still feel a strong connection to the School.

I speak for the entire faculty and staff when I say, Happy New Year!  We are excited to start 2012 and look forward to all that lies ahead in this school year.  

Posted by Mr. Raymond Volker on Sunday October, 2, 2011 at 06:39PM

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