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Life Skills

Character education is enmeshed both formally and informally into the Middle School program.  Positive character traits are highlighted through our school wide curriculum, but developed more fully and focused on more in depth through literature, topics in history, and other subject matter.  In addition, Warren-Walker has created two gender-specific programs -Sisterhood and Bonding Brotherhood.  Specific school concerns, social issues, study skills, test-taking strategies, goal-setting, and organizational skills are addressed in our Life Skills classes, which are taught weekly in grade level groups.  In each grade, certain over-arching themes are emphasized, as follows:

6th grade – Individual Growth Development

Nutrition – students learn about the importance of eating healthy foods.  They study about refined sugars, complex carbohydrates, saturated and unsaturated fats, proteins, portion size, reading and understanding food labels, caloric intake, food groups, and exercise.

Acceptance and Respect – students learn about cultivating friendliness, compassion, happiness, and the need to support those who are less fortunate.

Personality Types and Learning Styles – students learn about the different personality types and learning styles.  They analyze their own types and styles by observing their strengths and weaknesses and working on different approaches to gain success.

7th Grade – Peer and Social Interaction

Problem Solving – students learn to identify a problem, seek possible solutions, determine consequences for each possible solution, select a course of action, take action, and evaluate the outcome.

Conflict Resolution – students learn how to stay cool in conflicts, how to listen, stand up for oneself, show respect, and solve the conflict.  Along with this is learning to make proper eye contact, and use appropriate body language and tone of voice.

Acceptance and Respect – students learn about the effects of teasing and pejorative language.  They investigate the proper use of social media and its harmful use.

8th Grade – The Real World

Body Image – students investigate and analyze media and advertising regarding body image.  They also look at stereotypes, self-esteem, and harassment.  An eating disorder curriculum is also included.

Substance Abuse – students learn the truth about nicotine, alcohol, and drugs through a program developed by The Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

High School – students identify their perceptions and fears of high school, and look at their expectations.  Along with this unit, students look at recognizing signs of their stress and anxiety, techniques for coping, and ways for overcoming their fears.


Sisterhood is designed to raise awareness, develop empathy, teach healthy conflict, explore feelings, and promote a positive change in female relationships.  Girls’ communication styles, skills, and maturity levels vary.  This program is designed to create a framework that respects one another’s differences, creates opportunity for growth, and encourages effective communication within the group.  As the girls begin to understand their own communication techniques and learn new ones, they become more adept at solving their own problems in a healthy and positive manner.  The Sisterhood program is designed to grow with the girls, layering new skills each year with the end-goal of creating strong bonds of communication among our young women.

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Bonding Brotherhood

The Bonding Brotherhood program meets in groups with a professional counselor to discuss age-appropriate topics relevant in the digital age of adolescents.  Boys fill out questionnaires and have group discussions, as well.  Following the sessions, a debriefing with parents takes place to discuss the changes they may be seeing in their early adolescent boys and ways to maintain and develop close caring relationships with them.

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